Free Inventory Framework for Ren'Py, by Lezalith

On the May 21st of 2021, I began my work on LezInventory, with the thought in mind that the Ren'Py community deserves a new, modern, easy to customize Inventory Framework.

LezInventory should suit all your Inventory needs. It has one Equip Slot where an item can be equipped, as well as usables that can be consumed upon use.

Equippables not up your alley? That's fine. Remove the Equip Slot by changing single two variables from True to False. Same with the Equip button.
Want to change the amount of slots on a page? Change a single number.
Want to change where everything is? How everything looks is determined by styles, just as in default Ren'Py projects.

Every bit of code is well commented, making it easy for everyone to change the code to their desires.

Did I mention an extensive documentation, both on working with the Inventory and on creating your own Items? Yup, that's also included.

Do you like what you see? Press the button below to dive right in!

The download is a project demonstrating the Inventory and it's capabilities, as well as the code files needed to set up the Inventory yourselves. In the project you'll find some basic instructions!

By the way, if you're confused by what some of the example items do, there is a page that has an overview of all of them, right here!

First version of LezInventory has been released on the June 17th, after 27 days of work. The framework is free for everyone to use, but if you want to support me and my work, you can do one of three things (Or all of them, that would be amazing!):

  • Become a patron on my Patreon, you can even get rewarded for that!
  • Check out the other things on my page, like my collection of Ren'Py Tutorials!
  • Write me on my Discord, Lezalith (LezCave.com)#2853, and show me what you've created with LezInventory

Finally, if you're interested, you can check out LezInventory on Github to see how the project developed over time!

Thank you for being here. You're all awesome. :)