Free Inventory Framework for Ren'Py, by Lezalith

Big thanks to Admurin for his fruit icons! He has some amazing stuff, check it out on his itch.io page :)

In the LezInventory project, there are  15 different example items that I have created to show you what the Inventory is capable of. They all have their own name, short description and an image. They're split into three different categories:

  • 4 Equippable Items
  • 5 Passive Items
  • 6 Usable Items

The Inventory has one slot for an Item to be equipped. Equipping an Item can have an effect, as can unequipping it. It's also possible to have it do nothing and have your story check whether a specific Item is equipped.
Typically, Equippable Items aren't removed from the Inventory upon being unequipped.

Passive Items are the bread and butter. They do nothing except sit there and look really fancy.
It's important to remember that while you can do wonders with this Inventory, not every Item has to do something.

Finally, Usable Items. These can be used once, which causes their effect to occur, before optionally being removed from the Inventory.

Alright, let's get to the list. Below are all the items described!


Equipping Durian covers the screen with a transparent, dark green overlay.
Unequipping Durian removes the overlay.


Equipping Grapes brings up a screen with more, chaotically spinning grapes.
Unequipping Grapes hides the screen.


Equipping Lemon temporarily deletes the entire Inventory and leaves the Lemon as the only Item in it.
Unequipping Lemon reverses the Inventory back to its original state.


Equipping Apple shows a message through Ren'Py's Notify function.
Unequipping Apple shows a second, different message.






These are the five examples of Passive Items.
Passive Items don't do anything, but players can be tested whether, for example, they have some in their Inventory.

Dragon Fruit

Using Dragon Fruit shows a screen with a line of dragon fruit trivia.


Using Grapefruit wipes the entire Inventory clean, even the Equipped Item.


Using Guava moves it to a random slot within the Inventory.

Passion Fruit

Using Passion Fruit brings up a label with a question and two possible answers.
You get nothing for choosing one, while the other rewards you by adding more passion fruit to the Inventory.


Using Apricot brings up a label with many choices, one for each example fruit featured.
The used Apricot transforms into the chosen fruit, keeping its position in the Inventory.


Using Watermelon randomly shuffles the entire Inventory.
It doesn't affect the Equipped Item.

And that's all of them!