Ren'Py Tips

A collection of random tips for working with Ren'Py.

Tip #1 - The Images Folder

You can define an image by putting it into the images folder in the game/ directory.
For example, creating "lez happy.png" inside images/ lets me use "show lez happy" inside labels without having to use the image or define statement priorly. Works for subfolders as well, images/beautiful/lez beautiful.png would too let me do "show lez beautiful", just like in the first one, without having to worry about the file path.

For more on defining, check out one of the Ren'Py Basics.

Tip #2 - Ren'Py Does Backups!

While the save files of every Ren'Py game are stored in the folder of that game, they are also stored somewhere else on your computer, allowing you to keep your saves should you lose the game files. What makes this so amazing is that that inside the same folder, there are backups of all your projects you've launched in the Ren'Py launcher. If you delete a file(s) on accident, the backups are in %appdata%/RenPy, or in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\RenPy respectively.

Tip #3 - Hiding the Textbox

You can quickly hide the textbox inside a label by using window hide, and show it again with window show. Don't forget to use window auto to give Ren'Py back the control of showing/hiding the window when appropriate, or combine it.

Tip #4 - To Do Notes

You can write comments in your script files to function as To Do Notes.
Comments that start with # TODO:
 are scanned into the Ren'Py Launcher, and can be found under the Project's Actions tab -> Left column -> Navigate Script -> TODOs Category

Tip #5 - Copying Traceback

Tracebacks (Logs containing info about the error and what happened before it) can be quickly copied into clipboard when they happen, by clicking one of the buttons at the bottom:

  • Copy BBCode, which is meant for forums like LemmaSoft.
  • Copy Markdown, which is meant for Discord.

Once it's copied, you can paste it straight away, instead of having to worry about formatting.

There is a portion of errors that does not allow this, but it's not a big portion, usually errors that happen during the project's launch.

If you have questions, I'll gladly answer them on my Discord server.
There, you can contribute your own tips to include on this page!